NowPlaying Gold

NowPlaying Gold

Enjoy the full experience with NowPlaying Gold. While the basic app is free, upgrading to Gold unlocks all content and features, and removes all (privacy-respecting) ads for a seamless experience.

What's included?

Ad-free experience

Remove Ads

Enjoy all content without being disturbed by advertisements.
Unlock a full search and listening history

Full History

View the full history of your listening sessions.
Get fun unlockables


Unlock fun alternative App Icons by completing assignments.
Discover unique bonus content

Bonus Content

Unlock all content like locations, band members, awards and more.
Integrate with Integration

Scrobble any song or album to

Kiosk Mode

Hide all buttons during SongDisplay. Perfect for highlighting the song that's playing in your surrounding.

Support Development

You'll be supporting the ongoing development of this app.


These are the pricing options available for NowPlaying Gold inside the App.


$1.99 / month


$11.95 / year


$49.99 / once

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