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The Art of Sampling

At NowPlaying, we celebrate the art of sampling – a cornerstone of hip-hop music. Our unique feature, "Related Songs," lets you uncover the original tracks sampled in your favorite hip-hop songs. Experience the thrill of connecting the past with the present through music.

Hip-hop's essence is deeply rooted in the art of sampling, a practice that goes beyond mere musical borrowing. Sampling in hip-hop isn't just about reusing a segment of another song; it's a form of sonic storytelling, cultural preservation, and artistic expression. Each sample is a thread that connects eras, genres, and emotions, creating a tapestry of musical history that resonates with listeners on multiple levels.

This creative process has allowed hip-hop artists to pay homage to their musical predecessors, often resurrecting forgotten classics and introducing them to a new generation. Through sampling, hip-hop has continuously bridged the gap between past and present, intertwining soul, funk, jazz, and even classical music into its framework. It's a form of musical archaeology that unearths hidden gems and recontextualizes them in a contemporary setting.

One artist who was the absolute king of sample was J Dilla, Vox does a great job explaining why.

Kool Moe Dee Score cards in NowPlaying App

Kool Moe Dee's Rap Report Cards

Relive hip-hop history with Kool Moe Dee's iconic rap report cards.

These scores are based on Grammy-award winner Kool Moe Dee’s “rap report cards” written in 1987 and 1999.

The rapper's grading scale was based on ten categories examining emcees' technical and creative skills, including:

Vocabulary, Articulation, Creativity, Originality, Versatility, Voice, Records, Stage presence, Sticking to themes and Innovation.

As these score cards resurfaced online and went viral in 2022 it sparked a great deal of controversy from different hip-hop fans as they review and debate Moe Dee’s list of rap hot takes in the form of letter grades.

The Hip-hop news website Rock The Bells got to ask Kool Moe Dee some questions about these score cards and one of the biggest question they had was about Lauryn Hill finishing at the top of her class with a final grade of 97%, which gives her the only A+ aside from Biggie, beating out many favorites like Nas and Tupac.

You can disagree with the score but do consider the time they were written and obviously are based on a personal opinion.

Either way, you will discover some fun score cards inside NowPlaying as you explore hip-hop content and maybe challenge yourself: What score would you give this artists?

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