Why NowPlaying?

Let's talk about music. We all love listening to music.

Multiple generations have grown up listening to music.

We all grow up listening to one of our parent’s favourite artist, putting on MTV (back when the M still stood for Music) or these days; hearing songs on TikTok or Fortnite.

But many of us grew up buying music as well Vinyl, Cassettes, CD’s, Vinyl again. We understand that streaming platforms are just so incredibly accessible and easy and we won’t tell you not to use them.

However, there is one thing that hasn’t made the jump just yet…Liner notes.

For the ones that don’t know; a lot of music you would buy came with a little booklet from and by the artist where you would find great additional artwork and stories about the songs.

Yes, you can read credits and see lyrics. But is that the best we can do today?

We believe not, and that’s why we're building NowPlaying.

Hidde van der Ploeg & Pol Piella

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