How to Scrobble Songs from Vinyl Records to with NowPlaying

In today’s digital age, vinyl records have still managed to hold on to their charm, providing a more tangible and immersive listening experience. However, for music enthusiasts, a question arises- How can you combine your vinyl sessions with contemporary music tracking platforms like The answer is simple: NowPlaying. With the help of our app, you can scrobble your vinyl record songs directly to your account, ensuring that all your listening habits are meticulously tracked, be it analog or digital.

What is Scrobbling and Why

Before we start discussing the solution, let’s take a moment to understand what scrobbling is and why is still a popular platform among music lovers. Scrobbling refers to the process of tracking your music listening habits by recording the details of the songs you play. This information is then uploaded to your profile, which helps you gain insights into your music preferences, discover new music, and connect with other like-minded listeners. has remained a popular platform for music social networking because of its unique approach. It provides personalized music recommendations based on your listening history, facilitates community engagement through user profiles, and offers a comprehensive record of your musical journey. Despite the increasing number of streaming services,’s scrobbling feature keeps it relevant and beloved among music enthusiasts.

Connect to NowPlaying and make your scrobbling live easier!

Introducing NowPlaying: The Bridge Between Vinyl and Digital

NowPlaying is designed to seamlessly integrate your vinyl listening sessions with your account. By recognizing the music played from your turntable, NowPlaying ensures that every song gets scrobbled, creating a complete picture of your musical tastes. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download and Install NowPlaying: If you haven’t already, you should start by downloading NowPlaying on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple Vision Pro.
  2. Log in to Within NowPlaying: Open the app and find the option to connect your account. Simply log in with your credentials, and you’re all set.
  3. Start a SongDisplay Session: NowPlaying features a SongDisplay session, which listens and identifies songs played from your vinyl records.
  4. Automatic Scrobbling: Once a song is recognized by NowPlaying, it automatically scrobbles the track to your account. You don’t need to lift a finger; enjoy your music and let NowPlaying do the rest.

The best thing is that NowPlaying let’s you scrobble from iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or even the Apple Vision Pro!

Manual Scrobbling: Never Miss a Beat

We understand that sometimes you might forget to start a SongDisplay session or you’re reminiscing on past listening sessions that weren’t scrobbled. NowPlaying caters to these moments with its manual scrobbling feature, ensuring that every beat of your musical journey is accounted for, no matter when it happened.

Single Songs or Whole Albums: Whether you’ve just remembered a single track that deserves recognition or an entire album that slipped through the cracks, NowPlaying allows you to manually scrobble both with ease. This feature is perfect for those moments of nostalgia when you’re recalling a listening session from the past or when you’ve enjoyed music outside the app’s automatic detection range.

How to Manually Scrobble: Within the NowPlaying app, navigate to the song or album you’d like to scrobble. Here, you you will find the “Scrobble Song/Album” option in the menu if you’re logged into So scrobbling has never been this easy!

Scrobble any song or album with NowPlaying

This flexibility ensures that your profile remains a comprehensive and accurate reflection of your music listening history, offering a complete picture of your musical preferences over time. With NowPlaying, your vinyl records and all your music listening experiences are seamlessly integrated, ensuring that every song, every album, and every session contributes to your legacy.

Why Choose NowPlaying for Your Vinyl Scrobbling?

NowPlaying offers a unique solution for vinyl enthusiasts who want to integrate their analog and digital music experiences. It respects the purity of vinyl listening while embracing the digital age’s connectivity and social sharing. With NowPlaying, your vinyl records are no longer isolated from your digital music profile, allowing you to share your eclectic taste with the community.

In summary, NowPlaying bridges the gap between the warm, rich sound of vinyl and the convenience of the digital age. By scrobbling your vinyl sessions to, every record you play contributes to your musical identity online. So, get ready to embrace the future of music listening with NowPlaying, where analog and digital harmoniously meet.

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