NowPlaying for Apple Vision Pro brings Music Discovery to the era of spatial computing.

NowPlaying, the innovative app that has been transforming the way music enthusiasts engage with their favorite tunes, is excited to announce a new experience designed for Apple Vision Pro to enhance your music experience.

SongDisplay window always shows you what's playing

Always Know What’s Playing with SongDisplay

Ever wondered what song is playing in the background of your favorite show, or at a social gathering? The SongDisplay feature is here to end that curiosity. When initiated, this cutting-edge tool uses your device’s microphone to identify music from any source thanks to the power of ShazamKit - be it a vinyl record, Apple TV+ series, or a YouTube DJ mix.

With the ability to place a SongDisplay window anywhere in your environment, you’ll always be in the know. Apple Music subscribers can take it a step further by adding identified songs directly to their library. Plus, you can even identify songs from movies and series. Your musical history is neatly organized in the app’s history tab, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Discover great details with NowPlaying for visionOS

All Details in One Place.

NowPlaying isn’t just a music identifier - it’s a comprehensive platform for music knowledge. From interesting facts about songs, albums, and artists to unique stories from the artists themselves, NowPlaying provides a rich tapestry of information, all in one place.

With Apple Vision Pro, users can experience life-size three-dimensional models of prestigious awards like the Grammy, BRIT, Eurovision awards and more. It’s not just about listening to music; it’s about immersing yourself in the world of musical achievements.

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Unlock real trophies by completing music related tasks

Content & Fun. In Perfect Harmony.

Music is not just about listening; it’s an experience. NowPlaying introduces an exciting feature where users can complete tasks to unlock unique rewards and fun trophies.

These can be displayed on virtual shelves, celebrating your musical journey and achievements.

Seamless Apple Music Integration.

The latest update to NowPlaying seamlessly integrates with Apple Music, bridging the gap between discovering music and adding these gems to your digital collection. This integration doesn’t just save songs, it enriches your musical knowledge with additional insights about the tracks you’ve played outside of NowPlaying.

Deeply integrated with Apple Music, NowPlaying enriches your experience.

This latest update from NowPlaying is more than just an app enhancement; it’s a game-changer in the world of music discovery and enjoyment. We invite you to update your NowPlaying app and dive into a world where music discovery meets innovative technology, creating an unmatched musical experience.

Pricing and Availability

NowPlaying is available as a free download on the App Store with an optional In-App Purchase for NowPlaying Gold. NowPlaying is designed for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple Vision Pro.

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